Pandya Store: Chiku to face Suman’s hatred?

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Star Plus’ popular show Pandya Store is gearing up for more drama with the story taking a leap of seven years after Shweta has kidnapped Chutki.

In the current story, it’s seen that the story takes a seven-year leap. Chiku is now grownup and he takes care of his family and his mom, Dhara. He asks Dhara if she has prepared the favorite dishes of every family member on the occasion of Uttarayan. He gets the ice cream for Rishita when Dhara forgets it.

He wears safety precautions like a helmet and hand and knee pads and goes to meet Suman. But Suman pushes him away and expresses hed hatred for Chiku and scolds Dhara as she blames them for breaking the Pandya family apart. Gautam is shown sitting in the shop alone. He is intoxicated. He laughs and plays with strings. He then closes his shop.

He is about to fall. A customer helps him. He is surprised to see Gautam closing the door on the day of Uttarayan. Gautam says that he is closing the shop as it’s Uttarayan. Gautam considers that day as bad as that day his family fell apart. Dhara bursts into tears recollecting what happened seven years before.

In the FB, it is shown that Pandyas fail to catch Shweta and she flees out of Somnaath with Chutki. Pandyas blame Dhara and Dev and Rishita leave the house. Chiku consoles Dhara.

In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Dhara, Chiku and Gautam will fly kites. Suman will be in her room. Suddenly she will feel a sharp pain in her stomach and will call out to Dhara. Dhara will arrive there and will be shocked to find Suman lying unconscious on the floor.

What will happen next? Can Chiku reunite the Pandya family again?

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