Pandya Store: Dhara, Raavi to leave the house!

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Star Plus’ popular show Pandya Store is gearing up for more drama with Swetha successfully fueling misunderstanding in Pandya’s family. 


In the current story, it’s seen that Arnab phones Raavi. Rishita answers the call and tells about Raavi being hospitalized for a stomachache. Arnab visits Raavi in the hospital. Shiva also reaches the hospital. As Raavi refuses to get the injection, the nurse asks Arnab to hold Raavi’s hand. Arnab reassures Raavi, who is scared of injections.

Shiva sees this and misunderstands Raavi. He goes to the reception and asks the nurse how many months Raavi is pregnant. Shiva is shocked to learn that Raavi has gone through an abortion and Dhara signed the abortion form. Meanwhile, at the Pandya house, Dhara is shocked when Suman asks her how many months Raavi is pregnant.

Dhara clarifies to them that Raavi isn’t pregnant and had an operation to remove the fibroid. A furious Shiva returns home and breaks everything. He shouts at Dhara when she tries to stop him. Gautam slaps Shiva. 

In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Shiva will accuse Raavi of aborting her child and will ask whether that child is his or not, which will shock the Pandyas. A raged Raavi will slap Shiva and will decide to leave the house.

Dhara will also pack her suitcase to leave the house. She will tell Gautam that before anything she has to find out how Raavi’s report got swapped. Rishita will go to the hospital where Raavi got admitted to find out the truth. She will ask doctor Nithin whether Raavi had been through a fibroid removal operation or an abortion.

Will this be the end of Shiva and Raavi’s relationship? Will Dhara be able to find out that Shweta is responsible for all the confusion? 

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