Pandya Store: Dhara to question Gautam’s fidelity?

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Star Plus’ popular show Pandya store is gearing up for more drama with Gautam learning the abnormal development of their baby.

In the current story it will be seen that Janardan will try to instigate the crowd against Pandya family saying that Gautam is missing However Suman handles the situation well and asks the crowd to not trust Janardan’s words and wait. Dhara says that Gautam left after getting a girl’s call without realising that the mike is on. The crowd hears this and mocks Gautam.

Suman gets angry and she comes to the backstage and scolds Dhara for her blunder. The director asks Krish to play Ram as Gautam is missing. Dev threatens to break Krish’s head if he agrees. Dhara says that sge will break Gautam’s head when he will return. This also is heard by the crowd and they mock Pandya family. Suman gets worried.

Anita wants to go to find Gautam, but Shiva and Raavi try to stop her saying to not create a scene. Anita is surprised that Shiva and Raavi, who never agreed, say the same thing. However she stays firm to find Gautam by herself and leaves. Dhara decides to look for Gautam by herself and asks Raavi to play Sita role and leaves.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Dhara will see Gautam talking with a girl. Later Dhara will ask Gautam whose that girl. Gautam will ask if he needs to prove his loyalty by doing akni pariksha. Dhara will ask Gautam if he can do akni pariksha for her. Gautam will look on.

What will Gautam do? Will he agree or not? How Suman will react to it?

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