Pandya Store: Dhawal to question Amresh’s decision?

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Star Plus’show Pandya Store currently is showing Natasha getting hold of Isha and finally she will get to know about her relationship with Makwanas. Will Natasha be able to help Isha?


In the previous episode, Amba noticed Isha and tried to follow her but she left hurriedly. Amba tells Dhawal that Isha is present in the shop too. The latter gets shocked and says if she is there she would have come home . Isha is getting up in the auto when Natasha notices her tattoo in the mirror and recalls seeing same on kidnapper’s hand so she hurriedly starts following Isha.

Natasha runs behind Isha and pushes a vegetable cart to stop her. Isha hides herself inside sack seeing Dhawal there and escapes being seen by him. Later, Isha tells Natasha if she will get her sister in law arrested. Dhawal tells Amba that Isha should be at home. Natasha confronts Isha. Dolly asks who Isha is and Amresh says she was their sister but now the relation has ended.

In the upcoming episode, Natasha will come home and hear Dhawal saying they should find Isha and bring her home. Amresh will angrily say that she will never back. Natasha will tell Hetal that if they want even Isha’s vanvas can end and says she wants to bring Isha back home. To know what’s happening next stay tuned to this space for more .