Pandya Store: Gautam and Dev to learn a shocking information?

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Star Plus’ popular show Pandya Store is gearing up for more drama with Prafulla manipulating Raavi.

In the current story it’s seen that Raavi is walking on the road thinking about Prafulla’s words. She gets hit by a car. Shiva witinesses this ant gets worried for Raavi. He gets to know about Prafulla misleading Raavi when he asks Raavi what happened. Shiva confronts Prafulla about the same. He says that Prafulla is misfortune and his dad got heart attack because she snatched all the four mills. He warns Prafulla for manipulating Raavi. Later Shiva and Raavi return home. Unaware of Dev holding a current wire, Raavi turns on the main switch upon Shiva’s demand. Dev gets electrocuted. Raavi blames her luck for what happened with Dev. Family gets shocked on seeing scorpion on the room and tries to reassure Raavi that she saved Dev and Rishitw. Later Shiva asks Suman to tell how Raavi’s parents died. Dhara tells about Dev getting electrocuted and Raavi blaming her luck for that. Suman reveals that Raavi’s parents died while taking child Raavi to the hospital, but her father was an alcoholic and drove the bike after consuming alcohol and did accident shocking all.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Gautam and Shiva will meet a man and they will give him their land papers. The man will say that this land belongs to some Jeevan lal shocking Gautam and Dev. The latter will visit the land will be shocked finding a name bord with Jeevan Lal’s name and his details to contact him to buy that land. Dev and Gautam will destroy that board. Few goons will tear up their property papers and will beat Gautam and Dev making them unconscious.

What will happen next? Who is Jeevan Lal? How Pandyas will tackle this new problem?

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