Pandya Store: Gautam to threaten Janardhan

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Star Plus’s popular show Pandya Store is all set for high voltage drama in the upcoming episodes with Shiva and Raavi being kidnapped by Janardhan.

In the current track it’s shown that Shiva learns that Janardhan is behind his kidnapping, when the goon takes Janardhan’s name. Kamini slaps Janardhan for kidnapping Shiva and inviting more trouble for them. Kamini phones the goons and strictly tells not to reveal Janardhan’s involvement in this kidnapping even if they get caught. Krish tells Gautam, Dhara and others about Shiva and Raavi’s kidnapping. Dev suspects Janardhan, but Rishita doesn’t believe that her dad can do such cheap act.

She tries to call Janardhan, but Dev stops her. Dhara worries for Shiva and Raavi. Gautam assures Dhara that he and Dev will go and bring Shiva and Raavi safe and sound. Meanwhile Shiva manages to untie his hands and legs. He beats a goon, who touches Raavi. Shiva tries to escape, but he gets caught by another goon. The goon beats Shiva and ties him up again.

In the upcoming episode, it will be shown that Gautam and Dev will go to Janardhan’s house to confront him. Gautam will threaten Janardhan to destroy him and his house if he doesn’t release Shiva and Raavi before 5pm. Janardhan and his sister, Kamini will look shocked. Other side Shiva will get an idea to escape. He will ask Raavi to open the rope using her teeth. Raavi will do as Shiva said.

How Janardhan will react to Gautam’s threat? Will Shiva and Raavi be able to escape?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes. To get latest updates of your favorite show, Pandya Store, keep checking this space.