Pandya Store: How will Natasha save herself from Sandeep?

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Star Plus’show Pandya Store currently is showing Natasha’s return back to Makwana house however with condition that she has to stay bound by Amresh’s contract. What will happen when Sandeep will try to attack her?


In the previous episode, Natasha informed Pandyas that she will stay by Dhawal’s side.
Amresh tells Amba that Natasha will stay by Dhawal’s side just for sake of humanity and they will make sure even if she stays by Dhawal’s side, he should not accept her back in his life.

Amresh gives contract papers to Natasha and tells her to sign it after reading. He says it states that she needs to pay the due amount of 45 lakhs to Amresh and stay at Makwana house as per his demand unless the money is paid off. Natasha ends up signing the contract papers.

Sandeep meets the lawyer who informs him about selling the company to Amresh. Sandeep vows to ruin Natasha’s life. Sandeep finds out about party at Makwana house for return of Dhawal and Natasha.

In the upcoming episode, Aditya Narayan perform in the party hosted by Makwanas. Sandeep will bring Natasha alone to a room where she will try to scream for help but none hears her. Sandeep will have petrol can in his hand and threatens Natasha to end her life. To know what’s happening next stay tuned to this space for more.