Pandya Store: How will Shashank’s entry affect Dhawal and Natasha?

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Star Plus’show Pandya Store is currently showing how Amrish is trying to match make Natasha and Shashank so that he can stop Natasha from entering Dhawal’s life again. Will he succeed?

In the previous episode, Dhawal asked if Amresh is unaware of the 45 lakhs loan Natasha has to pay. Dhawal says that he wants to become responsible and do job alongside study so that he can help Natasha. Shashank is in party hall and Natasha goes there too. Dolly and Pranali misunderstand that Dhawal and Natasha are there so they lock the door from outside.

Before Shashank can explain anything, Natasha picks up stick and beats him endlessly. Dolly, Pranali and Hetal get shocked to see Dhawal outside and tells Dhawal if he is here then who is the person inside the hall. Dhawal rushes to the hall and opens the door.

Dhawal recalls Sandeep and angrily starts hitting Shashank with the stick more. Shashank tells Amresh that his family beat him up without listening to anything.

In the upcoming episode, Dhawal and Natasha will have coffee together. The latter will tell about Pranali not being able to start her practice because Bhavin and Makwanas don’t want so. Dhawal will say he has a solution but it’s tricky. He will show her something which leaves her confused. To know what’s happening next stay tuned to this space for more.