Pandya Store: Janardan to humiliate Gautam?

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Star Plus’ popular daily soap Pandya Store is all set for more drama with Pnadyas planning to work at Janardan’s house to bring Dev and Rishita back home.

In the current story it’s seen that Gautam agreeing with Dhara’s plan of working at Janardan’s house to bring Dev and Rishita home. Gautam comes to Janardan’s house and seeks job to him. Kamini gets doubtful that this is Gautam’s scheme to take Rishita and Dev back home. Janardan also doubts Gautam’s intention and puts forth a condition. He says to mortgage his house papers to him until he works under him. He also adds that Gautam should write on a bond paper that the house will become Janardan’s house if Gautam tries to provoke Dev and Rishita against him.

Gautam asks how he can trust Janardan and gives his house papers, what if he deceives him. Janardan says that he will give the duplicate key of the locker in which the house and bond papers will be and only they will have access to it. Gautam accepts the condition and he puts forth a condition too. He says that his whole family will work except Suman. Janardan agrees. Later Shiva shows the fake house documents which they give to Janardan. Dhara says to Suman about their plan. Pandya reach Janardan’s house in different disguise apt to different works.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Janardan will organize a party. In that party Janardan will ask Gautam to clean the spilled drink on the floor in order to humiliate him. Gautam oblies and will clean the floor. Rishita and Dev will come back home and will be shocked on seeing this. Janardan will get shocked on seeing Dev and Rishita. Gautam will smile.

What will happen next? How Dev and Rishita will react to this?

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