Pandya Store: Janardhan to slap Krish?

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Star Plus’ popular show Pandya Store is gearing up for more drama with Janardhan spotting Krish and Keerti going on the bike.

In the current story Raavi gets sad when Suman says that she’s going to see girls photo and biodata for Shiva’s marriage alliance. Later Shiva angrily reacts when a lady suggests him a marriage proposal. Rishita argues with Dev to drop her at the office as today is strike. Dev finally agrees. Rishita says that Dhara is jealous that she works, so she didn’t come to wish her luck Raavi clarifies that Dhara isn’t well and she asked to feed her curd sugar to Rishita.

Keerti visits Pandya family. She sees Krish washing vessels and misunderstands that Krish is servant. Raavi clarifies that Krish her brother-in-law and in their house, they share the household works. As auto isn’t available due to strike, Raavi asks Krish to drops Keerti at her home. She asks to take the bike she won in Dahi-handi competition. Prafulla opposes it, but Raavi tells Krish to take the bike. Krish obeys.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Janardhan will see Keerti going on the bike with Krish. Janardhan will slap Krish and will take him to the police station. Janardhan will say that Krish was trying to elope with his daughter and will get him arrested. Police will phone Dhara and will inform about the same. Dhara will get shocked and will run to the police station, but she will faint on the way.

Will Shiva and Raavi get divorced? Will Krish get saved? What will happen with Dhara?

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