Pandya Store: Janardhan’s evil plan to separate Rishita from Dev

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Star Plus’ popular show Pandya Store is all set for high voltage drama in the upcoming episodes with Shiva and Raavi getting kidnapped by Janardhan’s men.

In the current track it’s shown that Shiva falls unconscious getting hit by the goons and the goons put him inside the car. Raavi hits the goon trying to save Shiva, but she also gets hit by the goons and falls unconscious. The goons take Shiva and Raavi to a godown and tie them up. The goons snatch Raavi’s phone from her. However Shiva cleverly drops his phone and kicks it away before the goons could take his phone and pretends that his phone fell while getting kidnapped.

Janardhan reveals to Kalyani that he planned Dev’s kidnapping to force Rishita to come back to them. Other hand Dhara, Gautam and Dev worry for Shiva and Raavi as they can’t contact them. Rishita calls Shiva and Dev irresponsible and says that they must be arguing sitting somewhere. Dev shouts at Rishita for passing such a hateful comment.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Krish will reach the temple. Gautam and Dhara will ask him about Shiva and Raavi. Krish will tell that Shiva’s bike is lying on the road and few goons took Shiva and Raavi in their car. He will further say that Shiva and Raavi got kidnapped. Family will look shocked. Other side Shiva and Raavi will be shown tied up. Raavi will scold Shiva and they both will argue.

How Raavi and Shiva will escape from the goons hold? How Gautam will react after knowing Janardhan is behind Shiva and Raavi’s kidnapping?

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