Pandya Store: Natasha and Dhawal to get divorced?

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Star Plus’show Pandya Store has been giving viewers a ride of emotions with lovely Dhawal and Natasha’s story on one end with Amresh’s tricks on other. But with Pandya Store being demolished, Natasha will soon lose her trust on Dhawal and leave Makwana house. What will happen next?


In the previous episode, Natasha called Chiku and before hearing her, he scolds her. He says her about Pandya Store completely getting demolished in a while.Natasha gets shocked and questions Chiku about what he is saying. The latter tells her not to pretend as this could never happen without her signatures. Natasha thinks of Dhawal getting her signature on the file and cries.

Natasha reaches there and gets shocked seeing Pandya Store’s condition. Chiku shows the papers to Natasha and questions why it has been signed by her. She tries to explain the situation how she was asked to sign some other papers to get shares in mall.

Suman still takes Natasha’s side and says she must have done so under pressure. Dhawal looks around for Natasha and hears people talking about Pandya Store being demolished.

In the upcoming episode, Amba will ask Natasha where is going and to do one last work before she leaves. Amresh will tell her that he had said her she cannot distance Dhawal from him. Dhawal will hand over divorce papers to Natasha. Will Dhawal confront Amresh? To know what’s happening next stay tuned to this space for more.