Pandya Store: Pandyas to meet with an accident?

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Star Plus much loved daily soap Pandya Store is gearing up for more drama. The show currently shows that Raavi fighting for her rights by staying at Pandya’s house.

In the current story it’s seen that that Raavi makes pakode for Shiva to surprise him. Suman taunts Raavi saying that Shiva won’t eat the pakode made by Raavi. At the shop, Shiva decides to stay in the shop until Raavi is at their house. Gautam and Dev try hard to convince him to come home, but in vain. They leave getting upset with Shiva. Raavi learns from Dev that Shiva decided to stay back in the shop. Raavi refuses to give up. She comes to the shop taking the pakode. Shiva and Raavi argue outside the shop.
Shiva asks Raavi to leave while Raavi insists him to eat pakode. Janardan uses this opportunity and sends his man to mix drugs in the remaining stocks of the shop in order to get the shop closed. Raavi says that she loves Shiva,but Shiva says that he hates her. Raavi confidently says to Shiva that her love will win over his hatred. Meanwhile Janardan’s men executes Janardan’s order.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Rishita will get a new car and will park it outside Pandyas’ house. Shiva will misunderstand that someone has parked their car in front of their house. He will get furious and will get a stick to break the car. Dhara will come and stop Shiva in time. Suman and family will be excited to travel on the new car. Suman will ask Dev to drive. Dev will agree and they all will happily go for a drive, but unfortunately their car will meet with an accident.

what will happen to Pandyas? Will they survive this accident?

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