Pandya Store: Pranali turns a saviour amidst the crisis?

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Star Plus’ entertaining show Pandya Store currently is showing how after the fire incident, we will see things getting back to normal however Dhawal will get the file which has details of Amresh’s deal with Natasha.


In the previous episode , Pranali gave CPR to Chiku. He finally gains his consciousness back and coughs out loud . Pranali says all the guests are falling unconscious so she will teach CPR to help them. She starts giving oxygen supply to some of guests too.
Pranali injects medication and gives CPR to Dhawal too. She succeeds as Dhawal finally gains his consciousness.

Amresh also thanks Pranali for saving Dhawal and addresses her as Dr Pranali. Constable brings the file of Amresh and Natasha’s contract. Amresh gives the file to Hetal to keep it safely. Dhawal asks for water so Hetal gives the file to Chabili. Chabili keeps the file in Dhawal’s room while closing the windows to stop smoke from coming inside. Natasha tells her sister in laws to keep her luggage in guest room.

In the upcoming episode, Amresh will ask Chabili about the contract file. She wll tell she left it in Dhawal’s room. Natasha will see the file in Dhawal’s hand and thinks it will be problem if he sees it. To know what’s happening next stay tuned to this space for more. To know what’s happening next stay tuned to this space for more.