Pandya Store: Raavi to fight for her rights?

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Star Plus much loved daily soap Pandya Store is gearing up for more drama. The show currently shows that Raavi decides to stay in Pandyas house and proves her love to Shiva and his family.

In the current story it’s seen that Gautam supports Raavi and tries to make Shiva understand that Raavi wouldn’t have come back to Shiva if she had wanted divorcedivorce from him. However Shiva refuses to believe it and leaves getting angry. Suman demands Raavi to pay rent to stay at her house since Raavi lost her rights of wife and daughter in law. Raavi applies Vermillion for Shiva and Suman to remove it if she still thinks that she’s not Shiva’s wife and her daughter in law which shocks Suman and Dhara.

Raavi further says that she isn’t ashamed of doing such things to get her rights. At the shop Shiva blames Dev for facing difficulties in his marriage and for Janardan troubling their business. Raavi writes on the wall of Pandya’s house expressing her love for Shiva which shocks Suman and Dhara.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Shiva and Raavi will be fighting standing outside the shop. Using this opportunity Janardan will instruct his man to put some drugs in the remaining stock of the shop. The will enter the shop and will execute Janardan’s order. Janardan’s man will escape from the backdoor when Shiva will come back inside the shop. Janardan will smirk thinking that now no one can stop Pandya store from getting sealed.

Will Raavi be able to win Shiva’s heart again? Will Janardan get succeed in his plan?

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