Pandya Store: Raavi to grow suspicious of Krish?

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Star Plus’s popular daily soap “Pandya Store” is keeping its audience hooked to the show with its intresting storyline. The audience appreciates the bonding shared by the brothers and the chemistry between the main couples Gautam-Dhara, Shiva-Raavi and Dev-Rishita. The show gets ready for high voltage drama with Krish dressing up as ghost and scaring Rishita.

In the current track, Dhara shares with Gautam about her wish to keep Maha Mrityun jaap praying for family’s peace. Gautam says that they have to stay 15 days more here. Dhara phones Suman to seek her permission for Keeping jaab. Suman gives her consent and announces that she’s arriving there. Meanwhile Rishita is scared by Shiva’s ghost story and closes all the windows. She shares with Dev that Shiva and Krish were talking about a ghost story. Dev assures ghost doesn’t exist and Shiva and Krish have the habit scaring people with Ghost stories and they did the same with him when they were kids. However Rishita isn’t convinced. Krish gets ready dressing up like a woman to scare Rishita. Other side, Dhara makes noodles for Gautam as he’s starving. Shiva spots Dhara and Gautam in the kitchen and tries to convince them to go back to their room, so they don’t spoil his plan. Rishita sees a woman in white saree and screams getting scared.

In the upcoming episode, it will be shown that Raavi will bump into Krish, who is in hurry. Raavi will notice binding in his forehead and Kajal under the eyes. Raavi will question Krish about it. Krish will look tensed.

Will Raavi find out about Shiva and Krish ghost drama? How Dhara and Gautam react after knowing about it?

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