Pandya Store: Raavi to taunt Rishita

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Star Plus’ popular show Pandya Store is all set for more drama in the upcoming episodes with the clashes between Raavi and Rishita.

In the current track it’s shown that Gautam apologizes to Suman for raising his voice in front of her. He adds that he doesn’t regret what he has told her. He asks Suman to beat him as punishment. Suman throws the stick away and gets convinced. Gautam feeds the food to Suman. The latter asks him and Dhara to keep everyone in the family happy and add sweetness in the bitter relationship of Shiva and Raavi.

Later Gautam and Dhara advise an upset Shiva. They say that Shiva should get the habits of small, small fights in the house, as there are two new women in the house. They remind him that Raavi is now part of his life and she’s alone and heartbroken and asks him to be friendly with her and not to fight with her. Dhara asks Shiva to do it for her sake. Shiva assures them that he will try.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Raavi will accuse Shiva of marrying her with the intention of torturing her. Shiva will hold her and say that the world has seen the marriage of two people who love each other, but it will see now the marriage of two people who hate each other. Raavi will taunt Rishita. She will say that her marriage was a forced marriage, but she had a love marriage yet she can’t have a wedding night. Rishita will look on tensed.

How Rishita will react to Raavi’s taunt? How Dhara will handle the situation?

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