Pandya Store: Rishita cries and shouts seeing Dev’s baraat

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Star Plus’s newly launched serie Pandya Store is already impressed its audience and has become one of their favorite show. The show is all set for high voltage drama in the upcoming episodes.

In the latest episode, it’s seen that Raavi gets ready for the wedding. She goes out through the window to see Dev. Other hand Dhara compliments Dev. Suman asks Dhara about her wound. Dhara makes an excuse. Janardhan is frustrated that Rishita ruined his dreams and he has to do his daughter’s marriage in hurry. He’s worried what to answer when his relatives will question about it. Bua calms him down. Kalyani asks Rishita to get ready. She refuses.

Kalyani threatens Rishita to kill Dev. Raavi comes to meet Dev, but she bumps into Shiva. She asks him to tell how she looks in bridal dress. Shiva mocks her which angers Raavi. Shiva says that his hatred for her will never change and asks her to stay away from him after the marriage. Raavi’s pearl beads get stuck in Shiva’s sherwani. Raavi says he wants to hate her, but God wants him to love her. Shiva drags her out and asks to leave home. Suman gets irked when her caretaker praises Dhara. Gautam, Shiva and Dhara dance in Dev’s baraat.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Dev’s baraat will pass in front of Rishita’s house. Rishita will see Dev. She will cry and shout saying she can’t live without him. Dev looks at her worried.

Will Dev’s heart melt seeing Rishita? Will the marriage happen?

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