Pandya Store: Shiva and Raavi to get ready for their divorce case hearing?

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Star Plus daily soap Pandya store is all set for more drama with Janardan getting furious on learning that he’s facing loss due to Gautam.

In the current story it’s seen that Rishita gets angry when Dhara refuses to buy the bangles saying it’s costly for the material quality. Rishita fights with Dhara saying that she decided to not work her, but Dhara insulted her. Raavi also says that Dhara is doing wrong with Rishita, who always supported her.
Dhara clarifies that the bangles quality didn’t match Rishita’s standard, so she didn’t agree to buy it. She further says that she is only pregnant and can take care of herself and asks Rishita to work. She leaves. Rishita decides to attend job interview and calls them and says she’s coming. Rishita attends the interview and accepts the job. Meanwhile Dhara feels guilty of not getting the bangles that Rishita
wished to buy.

Raavi advises Dhara to considers others feelings too. Raavi then announces that this incident triggered Rishita to decide to work and she has gone for a job interview. Dhara gets happy hearing this. Raavi hopes that Rishita doesn’t start her work the next day as she has her divorce hearing the next day. Dhara worries about Shiva and Raavi relationship.

Janardan man informs him that they’re facing loss in the business due to Gautam. A raged Janardan phones Gautam and threatens. Shiva and Dev rebuke Janardan and tell him that Gautam will participate in the union election against Janardan. Later Suman learns about Janardan warning and scolds Janardan. Raavi announces about her and Shiva divorce case hearing shocking the family.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Suman will say to Raavi to tell Dhara that she’s going to Kanta’s house to meet the priest to find a good alliance for Shiva. Raavi will get shocked hearing this. Shiva will also hear this and will be stunned.

How Shiva will react to Suman’s decision? Will Shiva and Raavi get divorced?

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