Pandya Store: Shiva to care for Raavi

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Star Plus’s popular show Pandya Store is all set for high voltage drama in the upcoming episode with Raavi misunderstanding that Shiva wanted to abandon to her and escape from the goons.

In the current track it’s shown that Raavi frees Shiva. Shiva thinks of first dealing with the goons then taking Raavi with him. However Raavi misunderstands that Shiva abandoned her. Gautam, Dev and Krish come there. The four boys trash the goons. Raavi faints and Shiva holds her. The brothers return home. Family gets shocked seeing Shiva bringing an unconscious Raavi. Raavi gains consciousness. She tries to slap Shiva, but Dhara holds her hand. Raavi accuses Shiva that he left her alone with the goons. She scolds him. Suman loses her cool and defends Shiva. She asks Raavi to leave Shiva if she’s not happy with him. Dhara and Dev tell how good Shiva is. Prafulla wants to take Raavi home. However Raavi refuses to go.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Shiva will find Raavi asleep in sitting position. Shiva will lift her and puts her on the mat. Raavi wakes up from sleep. Shiva will tell her no need to get scared, he didn’t want to argue with her. He will ask her to rest as she might’ve got tired after arguing with him. Raavi will say, why she will get tired arguing, when he didn’t get tired of thinking bad for her. She will further say that since childhood he only hated her and says that now he will listen to her and say she hates him.

Will Raavi realize Shiva’s goodness? How their hatred for each other will turn into love?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes. To get latest updates of your favorite show, Pandya Store, keep checking this space.