Pandya Store: Shiva to lie to his family for Raavi’s sake?

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Star Plus’ popular show Pandya Store is gearing up for more drama with Dhara learning that the baby’ s mother ran away from the hospital.

In the current story it will be seen that the Pandyas do everything that’s possible to keep the baby and Dhara away. This will enrage Dhara and the will get mad at the Pandyas at the dinner table. Surprisingly Shiva and Dev support Suman and not Dhara.

Suman gets glad about the same. Shiva hides about Raavi’s social media work from his family and lie to Suman when she asks about the reason for Raavi’s happiness. Raavi thanks Shiva for the same and promises to not make him regret it.

Other hand Dhara receives the doctor’s call in Gautam’s phone and gets shocked learning that the baby’s mother ran away from the hospital. Dhara confronts Gautam about the same. She requests Gautam to give the baby to her instead of leaving him in an orphanage.

Gautam refuses as he worries that Dhara’s attachment to the baby will break her heart when the baby will have to return to his biological mother. Dhara promises to return the baby to his mother when the latter will be found.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Rishita will tell Suman that she has to go out to attend a workshop so she will ask her to look after the baby till her return. Suman will advise Rishita it is not safe to go out since she can give birth to the baby a week earlier than the expected date.

However Rishita will leave ignoring Suman’s advice. Rishita will start having labor pain and will reach hospital by herself. She will be admitted in the hospital. Later Pandyas will reach the hospital to see Rishita learning about this.

Gautam will be already in the hospital. He will hide himself from the Pandyas. He will decide of hiding the mother of the baby’s truth from his family.

What truth Gautam is hiding from his family? Will Pandyas spot Gautam in the hospital?

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