Pandya Store: Shiva to outsmart Rishita?

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Star Plus’s popular Show Pandya store is all set for high voltage drama with Rishita exposing Shiva in front of the family.

In the current story it’s seen that Rishita tries to expose Shiva’s truth in front of the family, but she gets proved wrong. Shiva has taken the money out of the bag and has hidden it under the mattress. Shiva also makes the family believe that Rishita has the habit to walk in sleep and she needs to consult a doctor. Rishita vows to bring Shiva’s truth out.

Later Shiva misses Raavi and ends up texting her. A surprised Raavi texts him back. Shiva presses the video call accidentally. They both have friendly talk. Dhara tells the family about preparing a surprise party for Raavi’s birthday and tells Krish to not reveal this to Raavi.

Rishita has come to Prafula’s place for pagphere ki rasam. Rishita tells Raavi that Shiva is going to start transport business hiding from the family and even arranged money for the same. Raavi gets surprised and tells that Shiva can’t do anything like that and family is more important for Shiva.

Family gets ready to bring Rishita and Raavi back. Meanwhile Raavi gets ready thinking of Shiva. She is happy that Shiva is changing.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that the family will be gathered to complete Raavi’s pagphere ki Rasaam. Shiva will ask Prafula to return Suman’s bangle. Prafula will refuse. Shiva will refuse to take Raavi back without Suman’s bangle. Raavi and the family loo shocked hearing this.

What will happen now? How Raavi will react to Shiva’s demand? Will Prafula agree to return the bangle?

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