Pandya Store: Shiva to want to apologize to Raavi

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Star Plus’ popular show Pandya store is gearing up for more drama with Dhara refusing to forgive Raavi.

In the current story it’s seen that Shiva admires Raavi while sleeping and cares for her. He admits that he did wrong with Raavi and wants to apologize to her. He runs from there on seeing Dhara coming there.

The morning Dhara comes to the kitchen to make tea for her. Raavi asks her to rest. But Dhara speaks harshly with Raavi and asks her to stay ey from her. Dhara unknowingly puts the burning match stick on her saree. Raavi notices this and puts out the fire with her hands. Raavi apologizes to Dhara for her mistakes. Dhara refuses to forgive her. Raavi closes the kitchen door saying Dhara can’t go out until she forgives her. Suman sees this and decides to call police. Dhara comes out and stops Suman. The latter tries to hit Raavi, but Dhara holds the stick. Suman taunts Dhara for easily forgiving Raavi. Dhara says that Raavi is also like Shiva, Dev and krish. She can’t stay angry with her for long. Suman warns Dhara to not compare Raavi to her sons. They have never hurt anyone. Raavi reminds Suman that Shiva hurt her. Suman says that she got punished for failing to understand Shiva goodness.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Anita will be getting ready to pay visit to Dhara. She will hear women saying that they sell some miraculous medicine. Anita will go to them and ask if she can get medicine to separate a wife from her husband. The women will give her a medicine. Anita will think of applying it on the fruits she’s taking for Dhara. Dhara will eat that fruit and will faint.

What will happen to Dhara? Will Dhara’s life get in danger?

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