Pandya Store: Shweta to become Pandya Store’s new owner!

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Star Plus’ popular show Pandya Store is gearing up for more drama with Shweta diverting Dev’s attention from reading the document and making the Pandyas sign the document. 

In the current story, it’s seen that Shweta becomes worried about getting caught when Suman asks Dev to read the document using the magnifying glass. To divert their attention, Shweta creates a scene saying that Chiku has a fever. Dhara gets concerned and wants to take Chiku to hospital, leaving the registration.

Shweta refuses to return here again and urges the Pandyas to sign the document fast without wasting time by reading it as it’s only stated that they’re giving the money with their consent. Pandyas fall into Shweta’s trap and sign the document. Meanwhile, Shweta’s parents learn about Shweta leaving the city, taking 25 lakh from Pandyas.

They take Chiku to the Pandyas  and say that they found Chiku and Shweta’s letter outside their house. In the letter, Shweta says that she is leaving the city, taking 25 lakhs from the Pandyas to start a new life. Pandyas are happy and give a grand welcome to Chiku. 

In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Pandyas will celebrate Chiku’s return in Pandya Store. Pandyas will be shocked when Shweta arrives there with the police. Shweta will throw away the name board “Pandya Store” and will replace it with the name board  “Shweta Store”.

Dhara will feel guilty about her family having to pay such a huge price for her wish to bring Chiku back home. She will say that she wouldn’t have wished for it if she had known this before. Rishita will say that Dhara would still have done the same.

Rishita will ask Dhara where the adoption papers of Chiku with whom she is so obsessed. Dhara and everyone will look on shocked. 

What will happen next? What will Pandyas do now? Will this break Pandya’s family? 

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