Pandya Store: Shweta to challenge Dhara!

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Star Plus’ popular show Pandya Store is gearing up for more drama with Pandyas planning to get Pandya Store back from Shweta by tricking her.

In the current story, it’s seen that while executing Dhara’s plan, Mansukh gets caught. Shweta notices the earplug in his ear and questions him. The old lady confesses that Dhara bribed them to help her. Shweta runs taking the Pandya Store papers. Dhara chases her. They both pull the papers on each side while standing on the balcony. The papers fall down.

Rishita finds the papers and is overjoyed that they’re Pandya store’s documents. She hides. Shweta is furious when she’s not able to find the papers. Dhara mocks Shweta. An enraged Shweta challenges demolishing the Pandya Store before the Pandyas reach the store to claim it. Later, Pandyas are happy to learn that Rishita found the store documents. However, they’re anxious about Shweta’s challenge.

In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that in a post leap a boy will be shown writing on the three different kites on which Dev-Rishita, Shiva-Raavi and Krish photos are stuck. He will ask them all to come home as Suman is unwell. Dev-Rishita, Shiva-Raavi and Krish will be shown living in different places.

They will receive the letter, but they tear it up refusing to return. Here, Dhara will feed food to Suman and will say to her that she has to die so that the Pandyas return. Suman will oblige and will pretend to act. The boy will open the house door and will welcome two other kids inside the house.

A voice over will ask if the next generation will be able to heal the wounds of the previous generations and win their hearts.

What happened to Pandya family? What caused the separation of the Pandyas brothers? Why do they refuse to return home?

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