Pandya Store: Shweta to create a fight between Shiva and Raavi using Arnab!

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Star Plus’ popular show Pandya Store is gearing up for more drama with Shweta starting to execute her vicious plan to separate the Pandyas.

In the current story, it’s seen that as Dhara rejects Shweta’s suggestion to use Chiku’s money for Diwali celebration, Shweta phones her parents and complains that Pandyas don’t have money to celebrate Diwali. Shweta’s mother asks Shweta to compromise, while Shweta’s dad melts and asks Dhara to take Chiku’s money to celebrate his first Diwali grandly.

Dhara agrees to withdraw 25,000. Shweta thinks of using that money to frame Dhara. Gautam and Dev lie to Raavi that they’re going to Goa for a family trip and ask her to take off from her office. Raavi refuses as she has to go to Mumbai with Arnab for some work, which enrages Shiva.

While buying Diwali gifts for the Pandyas, Raavi buys a shirt for Arnab to gift on Diwali. Shweta asks Raavi to hide this from Shiva to avoid the fight between them. Later, she books two tickets to Goa in Shiva and Raavi’s names, using Chiku’s money to frame Dhara.

In the upcoming episode, it will be shown that Raavi will be writing names on the chits to stick on the shirts that she’s going to gift. She will hide the chit in which she wrote Arnab’s name and the shirt under the blanket when Shiva will enter the room.

Shiva will get suspicious and will check removing the blanket after Raavi leaves. He will get furious at finding the chit with Arnab’s name and the shirt. Shweta will smirk watching this, hiding. Later, in order to make Rishita hear, Shweta will loudly praise Dhara for supporting Gautam’s idea of saving money by celebrating Diwali simply to send Raavi and Shiva to Goa. Rishita will be enraged to hear this and will question Dhara about the same.

Will the Pandyas realize Shweta’s vicious plan? Will Rishita be successful in her intention of separating the Pandyas?

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