Pandya Store: Shweta’s new plan to break Shiva and Raavi’s relationship!

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Star Plus’ popular show Pandya Store is gearing up for more drama with Shweta burning the shirt that Raavi gifted to Shiva. 

In the current story, it’s seen that Arnab comes to meet Raavi and celebrate Diwali with her and the Pandyas instead of sitting alone at his house. Raavi is scared that Shiva will create a scene on seeing Arnab. So she stops him outside the house. She lies to him that they’re going to some relatives’ house to send him back. Arnab gives Raavi the presents he brought for the Pandyas.

Raavi thinks of giving her gifts to Arnab using this occasion. She gets the shirt and gives it to Arnab. Shweta is watching this hiding, hoping Shiva also sees this. Shiva notices this from the terrace and fumes in a rage. He misunderstands that Raavi is exchanging gifts with Arnab outside the house so that no one sees them.

Later, Raavi gives her present to Shiva. Shiva hopes Raavi will tell about Arnab’s visit in front of everyone, but Raavi decides to tell this to Shiva later. Shiva sees the price tag and thinks that Raavi has less value for him, so she got a less costly shirt than Arnab for him.

He burns the corner of the box. He places it on the floor and leaves. Shweta burns the whole shirt and blames Shiva. 

In the upcoming episode, it will be shown that Shweta will plan to break Shiva and Raavi’s relationship. She will give Raavi the tablet to stop the period by making her believe that it’s just the headache tablet. She will think of blaming Dhara for that. 

Will Shweta be successful in her plan? Will Shiva and Raavi understand Shweta’s mind game? 

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