Pandya Store: Suman to feel insecure?

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Star Plus’ popular daily soap Pandya store is entertaining its audience with its engaging storyline since the first episode. The show is gearing up for more drama in the upcoming episode.

In the current story it’s seen that Anita meets Kalyani and Kamini to talk about Rishita. She narrates the bathroom drama happened in the Pandya house and expresses her wish to become their friend. But Kamini slaps her and tells her to get out.

Rishita complains to Raavi that Dev always argues with her. He isn’t talking with her. Raavi tells her that she knows the brothers since childhood, they are very sensitive about Dhara. She adds that she knows Dev since childhood, he doesn’t get easily angry, but if he gets angry, it’s better to leave him alone. He will come to them once he will calm down. Rishita says that she is jealous of Raavi as she understands Dev better than her. Shiva hears this and gets irked.

Anita learns from Prafula that the cement will get spoiled if water is added to it. Anita thinks of a plan to ruin the idea of constructing Dhara’s bedroom. Gautam tells Shiva that Janardan is trying to get his property papers from Rasik and sends Shiva to retrieve his property from Rasik. However Janardan and his goons try to prevent Shiva.

Dhara notices the bricks falling over Suman. Dhara pushes Suman and saves her, but she gets hurt. The family rushes to them. A worried Gautam cares for Dhara while the remaing family cares for Suman. The latter sees this and feels bad.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Anita will sneak into Pandya’s house in the late night and will pour water over the cement sacks in order to spoil the cement. She will notice Gautam romancing Dhara and will fume. Anita will pour some water over Gautam by mistake.

Will Anita get caught? Will Shiva be able to retrieve his property papers?

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