Pandya Store: Suman to learn that there’s some tension between Dhara and Gautam?

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Popular show Pandya Store is all set for high voltage drama in the upcoming episodes with Suman revealing the truth to Suman.

In the current track it’s shown that Anita tells Suman that she saw Gautam and Dhara arguing. Suman gets shocked and realizes that something big has happened behind her back. Dhara is worried that she couldn’t tell Suman the truth and how to face Gautam. Anita apologizes to Dhara and wants to them become friends like before, but Dhara refuses.

Rishita mistakes Shiva’s shirt for a cleaning cloth and uses it to clean the floor. Raavi, who notices it, gets furious and questions Rishita about the same. Rishita claims that she didn’t know it’s Shiva’s shirt and insults Shiva.

She tells that Shiva always wears dirty clothes, so she can’t differentiate it. He works as a laborer, but at least he could wear a nice dress. Rishita feels pity for Raavi and Shiva. Raavi tells Rishita that Shiva is her problem, so she will handle him. Dhara gete happy that Raavi is defending Shiva.

Raavi washes Shiva’s clothes. Dhara watches it and gets elated. Later Dhara and Gautam have an argument. Dhara tells that her punishment is bringing change on Raavi and Shiva. However Gautam tells that he won’t talk to her until she tells Suman the truth shocking Dhara.

In the upcoming episode Dhara will go to Suman. Dhara will say that she got tired of explaining, but on one understandood. Therefore she divided the house. Suman will get shocked hearing this.

What will Suman do now? Will Dhara be able to get saved from Suman’s punishment?

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