Pandya Store: Suman to make a shocking announcement?

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Star plus’ popular show Pandya Store is gearing up for more drama with Dhara bringing a newborn baby home.
In the current story it’s seen that Dhara is asked to take the newborn baby with her to her house since there’no any facility or staff to look after the baby.

Dhara refuses first, but she can’t stop herself from taking the baby home when she heard him crying. Pandyas are worried about Dhara as she hasn’t returned home yet. They get ready to go out to find her. Just then Dhara returns gome with a baby which shocks the family.

Family misunderstands that Dhara brought someone’s baby like the previous time. Gautam and Suman question Dhara about the baby’s parents to which Dhara reacts angrily.

She tells her family about saving a sick lady and her unborn baby and admitting hthe mother in the hospital. She adds that doctor asked to take the baby to her house.

Later Dhara decides to cut Gautam’s favorite and unused to make dress for the baby. Gautam gets worried about Dhara getting attached to the baby.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Dhara will tell the baby that he will dress up like Lord Krish. Suman will say that Dhara will not be his Yashoda. Suman will complaint that Dhara forgot her responsibilities because of this baby’s present.

She will ask Dhara to forget that baby and look after her children while Raavi and Rishita will take care of the baby. Dhara will look on stunned.

What will happen next? Will Dhara agree to Suman’s decision? What new twist the baby is going to bring in Dhara and Pandyas’ life?

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