Pandya Store Weekly Update: Janardan troubles the Pandyas again.

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The week begins with Raavi signing the divorce papers unaware of being tricked by Prafulla. Raavi returns to the Pandyas. Shiva gets mad on seeing Raavi and ousts her throwing tomatoes at her. Raavi remembers the same incident happened before their marriage. Later during dinner time, Shiva demands Raavi to not have food with the family. But Dhara sternly says that Raavi will have food with them. However Shiva and Dev leave the place when Raavi and Rishita come. Dhara reprimands them. She convinces them to have food with Raavi and Rishita. Later Raavi goes to her room. She gets sad seeing the surprise she prepared for Shiva. Dhara arrives there and sees the decorations. Dhara understands that Raavi planned a surprise for Shiva. Dhara advises Raavi to not give up. Raavi gets determined to convince Shiva and win his heart again as she loves him.

Gautam assembles the family members and tells about the sales and profits of the shop for the last month. Dev, Shiva and Krish say that they don’t need to know all this. But Dhara says it’s necessary that they know this. They all should run the family together so that they can all feel as a part of the family. Gautam decides to give each brother 15k for their own expenses. Rishita immediately asks Dhara to give Dev’s share so that she can deposit on her way to the bank. However Dev returns 10k to Dhara as their contribution for house expenses and gives Rishita 5k which angers her. Rishita leaves getting upset, but comes back after getting the courier of court papers on Shiva and Raavi’s name.

Shiva reads the court papers and gets shocked. Shiva packs Raavi’s bag to throw her out of the house, but Gautam stops him. Gautam lashes out at Shiva and says that ike Shiva Raavi has all the rights to stay in their house. Shiva says that Raavi doesn’t have rights anymore, she isn’t his wife anymore as they’re divorced now. He tells that Raavi lied to the counselor that he is doing domestic violence on her to get the divorce which shocks the family. But Raavi keeps denying it.

Dhara supports Raavi while Suman and Rishita support Shiva. Shiva says that Raavi’s kidnapping was also planned by Raavi, Anita and Prafulla. Raavi submitted the evidence against him to the counselor then planned the kidnapping so that she doesn’t need to come to the police station to save him at the same time she doesn’t get suspected. Raavi realises that she was tricked after seeing her sign on the divorce paper, but doesn’t say anything as she scared of Shiva not believing her words. Shiva throws Raavi out of the house. Raavi comes back. She refuses to leave. Shiva demands to know why and asks what’s left between them. Raavi confesses that she loves Shiva very much in front of the family. But Shiva says that he hates her and asks her to get out. Raavi asks him to her stay in the house and see if her love wins or his hatred. Shiva vows to make her leave the house.

Gautam supports Raavi and tries to make Shiva understand that Raavi wouldn’t have come back to Shiva if she had wanted divorce from him, but in vain. Shiva says that he will leave the house if Raavi stays here and walks out. Suman demands Raavi to pay rent to stay at her house since she lost the rights of her son’s wife and her daughter in law. Raavi applies Vermillion for Shiva and asks Suman to remove it if she still thinks that she’s not Shiva’s wife and her daughter in law. Suman and Dhara scold Raavi. Raavi isn’t affected and says that she’s determined to win Shiva’s love.

At the shop Shiva blames Dev for his being forced to marry Raavi and argues with him. Meanwhile Raavi expresses her love for Shiva writing on the wall of Pandya’s house shocks Suman and Dhara. Later Raavi prepares a surprise for her. She makes pakode for Shiva. Suman taunts Raavi saying that Shiva won’t eat the pakode made by Raavi. At the shop, Shiva refuses to go back home when Gautam and Dev get ready to leave. They try to convince him, but in vain. They leave getting upset with Shiva. Raavi learns from Dev that Shiva decided to stay back in the shop. Raavi refuses to give up. She comes to the shop taking the pakode. Shiva and Raavi argue outside the shop. Shiva asks Raavi to leave while Raavi insists him to eat pakode. Janardan uses this opportunity and sends his man inside the shop to mix drugs in the remaining stocks of the shop in order to spoil it. Raavi says that she loves Shiva,but Shiva says that he hates her. Raavi confidently says to Shiva that her love will win over his hatred. Meanwhile Janardan’s man completes the work and leaves through the backdoor. Shiva notices the backdoor opened and gets suspicious.

Prafulla meets Dhara in the temple and questions about Shiva and Raavi’s divorce. Dhara says that they’re not divorced so Raavi still stay in their house. Dhara realises that Raavi is innocent. Prafulla comes to Raavi and asks her to come home. Suprisingly Suman also supports Prafulla and asks her to take Raavi. But Raavi refuses to leave the house. Dhara gets shocked on seeing Krish with Kirti. She questions them, but Krish lies giving an excuse. At the shop, Gautam discovers that their stocks are ruined. Dev is certain that this is Janardan’s act. Shiva wants to confront him, but Gautam stops him. The brothers get worried about this. Raavi seeks Dhara and Rishita’s advice to win Shiva’s love.

Rishita says to Raavi to fight for her love whereas Dhara says to not force Shiva and give him some time. However Raavi says that she can’t wait and decides to follow Rishita’s advice.

Rishita’s boss, Sagar, gives Rishita the company’s car key as the company’s sales increased because of Rishita’s idea. Dhara confronts Krish about Kirti meeting Krish. Krish lies that Kriti came for notes. Raavi is trying to find a way solution to win Shiva’s love. She buys a book to woo Shiva and comes back home. Rishita tells the family that her boss gave her the company’s car. Dhara, Raavi and Suman congratulate her. Gautam, Shiva and Dev come back home. Shiva get angry on seeing a car parked outside their house. He stayed there to find out whose the car owner. Meanwhile Dev tells the family that their shop rations are ruined shocking them. Shiva gets a stick to destroy the car, but Dhara stops him in time and scolds him. Dhara calls him in, but Shiva refuses to come in till Raavi stays in the house.

Pandyas decide to find a solution for their problem later and celebrate Rishita’s success now. They plan to go in the car to have ice cream. Suman demands Dev to drive the car. Rishita agrees without any other way. As there’s no place in the car, Shiva, Raavi and Krish decide to go in the car in the second trip. Rishita, Dev, Dhara, Gautam and Suman drive off. Raavi sends Krish away giving him money to spend time alone with Shiva. Raavi does a dance performance to woo Shiva. Other hand Pandyas family meets with an accident.

In the upcoming week it will be shown that Guatam will be tell his family that the news that their rations got ruined was spread in the whole market, so customers don’t come to our shop. Dhara will say to Gautam to not worry and will assure him to get the customers back.

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