Pandya Store Weekly Update: Shiva is reunited with his family.

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The last week it was seen that Raavi and Rishita asked Dhara the reason for Gautam’s overprotective behavior towards her. Dhara revealed that Gautam misunderstood that she was pregnant when she assured him that Shiva would soon return home.

Dev and Gautam cooked to convince Dhara, Raavi and Rishita to have food, but it didn’t work. Suman remembered about Rishita’s baby shower ceremony seeing the date marked on the calendar. Suman summoned the priest to fix a day for Rishita’s baby shower.

She hoped that Rishita would change her side on hearing this. Rishita also got emotional that Suman cared lot about her despite of being on strike against her. Dhara convinced Rishita and promised to celebrate her baby shower in a grant way after selling the house.

Prafulla grew suspicious after spotting Shiva in vegetable seller disguise. Shiva decided to leave Prafulla’s house. But Prafulla caught Shiva before that.
Other hand Suman decided to not have food till the Pandya women would stop their strike.

Dhara threatened to kill herself if Suman didn’t agree to sell the house. As Suman refused to budge to her demand, Dhara jumped into the well shocking all. But Gautam held Dhara’s hand in time.

Dhara threatened to leave Gautam’s hand if Suman didn’t agree to sell the house. Suman still stayed firm in her decision. Gautam gave Dhara their unborn child’s swear and asked her to not jump. Suman asked Gautam what he meant.

Gautam told that Dhara was pregnant, but it wasn’t confirmed. Suman agreed to sell the house. Suman expressed her joy for Dhara’s pregnancy. Dhara clarified that she wasn’t pregnant and Gautam misunderstood her.

Other side Prafulla threatened Shiva to expose him to the police. Shiva frightened her that she would also get arrested for hiding him in her house.

Dhara and Raavi met Shiva and asked him to attend to Rishita’s baby shower ceremony. Shiva refused stating it was risky as Prafulla got to know the truth. He also added that getting their land back from Jeevanlal was more important right now.

Dhara said that Suman had agreed to sell the house. Shiva refused to sell the house. Dhara said that it could be discussed later and insisted him to come to the ceremony. Prafulla eavesdropped this. She planned to expose Shiva in the ceremony and humiliate Pandyas.

The next day Pandyas celebrated Rishita’s baby shower ceremony in a grand way. Prafulla burned Shiva’s clothes and cleand her whole house to remove all the evidence which woild prove that Shiva stayed there. She went to bring Police.

Seths arrive at the function. Pandyas got angry on seeing them. Kamini suggested moving on forgetting the past, but Dev refused. Just then Shiva arrived at the function in disguise of a woman along with some dancers. Suman recognized Shiva’s voice and wonders if Shiva wasn’t really alive.

Gautam also got doubtful as he recognized Shiva. Just then Prafulla spoiled Rishita’s baby shower ceremony by bringing the cops there to arrest Shiva. On seeing Police Shiva ran to the upstairs to hide.

Gautam noticed this and tried to go after him. But Dhara stopped Gautam. The latter decided to question Dhara later. Prafulla claimed that Shiva was alive and asked the police to search for Shiva in the house.

Rishita made the excuse of tiredness and went to her room to rest. Rishita managed to hide Shiva in her room. To Prafulla’s shock Police didn’t find Shiva. Dhara convinced police that Prafulla became mad after Shiva’s death and send police to check Prafulla’s house.

Gautam confronted Dhara about hiding the truth from all. Dhara confessed to Suman that Shiva was alive shocking Suman. She got mad at Dhara for hiding the truth. She asked where Shiva was.

Just then Shiva showed up. Suman got delighted on seeing Shiva alive and cried out of happiness. Gautam asked Dev to call police to take Shiva shocking all. Dhara stopped Dev and said that they needn’t to do this if they would arrange 10 lakh.

She told that she wanted to sell the house for the same reason. Gautam gave Dhara 24 hours to solve this problem. Dhara said that it wasn’t possible to sell the house in such short time.

Shiva refused to sell the house and asked to find a way to get their land back. Before that Dhara wanted to stop Prafulla.

Dhara and Raavi blackmailed Prafulla with the photo of Shiva and Prafulla they clicked. Later Rishita suggested scarring Jeevanlal in ghost’s disguise. Prafulla overheard this. She thought of informing Kamini and taking police to catch Pandyas in action. She dropped the phone mistakenly which alerted Pandyas. Raavi went after Prafulla.

Dhara and Raavi brought Prafulla to Suman. Prafulla threatened to expose the Pandyas’ plan. Suman ordered to tie up Prafulla in her room. Later Pandyas disguised as ghosts and scared Jeevanlal and his men.

Other hand Prafulla freed herself when she received Kamini’s call. Prafulla informed Kamini about Pandyas plan and said that they should get them all arrested.
In the upcoming week it will be seen that Pandyas will successfully record the confession of Jeevanlal.

Raavi will threaten to give the recording to the police when Jeevanlal will try to escape. Prafulla, Kamini and Janardan will arrive there.

Prafulla will say that they can’t escape by calling police. She asks Janardan to call police. He will oblige. Pandyas will look on shocked. Stay tuned to this page for latest update of your favorite shows.
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