Pandya Store: Will Dhawal and Natasha celebrate happy Diwali together?

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Star Plus’show Pandya Store is full of interesting twists and turns. Soon we will see Natasha coming with a new plan to make Isha reunite with her family. With loads of drama ,will Makwanas be able to celebrate their Diwali?


In the previous episode, Natasha asked if everyone loves Isha so much why they never tried to bring her back home. Dolly supports Natasha’s decision to bring Isha home. Isha tries earrings and Chiku lovingly looks at her.

Suman suggests Isha to come along with them to Natasha’s in laws’ house. Natasha sees news on TV about mask gang who wear masks like drama artists and steal jewellery and makes a plan to make Makwanas meet Isha at Pandya house.

Natasha is on road when she gets surrounded by mask gang members. She gets scared but Dhawal reaches there too. Seeing him the gang runs away. Dhawal asks Natasha where she is going. The latter says its her last puja with Pandya Store so she is going there. Dhawal reminds her that she has responsibilities in Makwana house too.

In the upcoming namaste, Natasha will be at Pandya house when Pranali, Dolly and Hetal dressed up as mask gang will attack her shocking Suman and Isha. Will Amba reunite with her daughter Isha? Will Makwana brothers get their sister back? To know what’s happening next stay tuned to this space for more.