Pandya Store: Will Dhawal and Natasha separate once again?

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Star Plus’show Pandya Store has kept the viewers hooked as we see Natasha entering back in Dhawal’s life but soon Amresh will use his dirty plans for separating them again. What will happen next?

In the previous episode, Aditya Narayan did his performance. Amresh asks Natasha to dance too as it will make Dhawal happy. She demands for rest of family members to join too and Amresh ends up giving permission for Dhawal’s sake. Amresh thinks once Dhawal recovers he will change the direction of incidents back towards his

Natasha screams for Chiku and Dhawal but no one can hear her. Sandeep tries to get close to Natasha but she pushes him away. Natasha tries to escape but Sandeep holds her back. Petrol gets spilled on the floor too. Natasha somehow pushes Sandeep away and rushes outside. Everyone in party gets shocked seeing smoke filling up there.
Dhawal sees fire near them and hugs Natasha tightly. Makwanas get shcoked to notice the gate locked from outside.

In the upcoming episode, Dhawal will take his luggage to leave Makwana house. Amresh will say that he considers him like father then how can he leave him. Dhawal will tell that he has understood difference between father and father like. He will also blame Natasha for hiding such a big truth from him. Natasha will think how to tell Dhawal about her situation. To know what’s happening next stay tuned to this space for more.