Pandya Store: Will Dhawal find about Amresh’s contract with Natasha?

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Star Plus’show Pandya Store has kept the viewers hooked to find what happens in the love story of Nawal aka Dhawal and Natasha. Will they be able to have their happily together moment again?

In the previous episode, Dhawal kept repeating that he wants to seek apology from Natasha for making her cry. Makwanas get shocked to see him falling unconscious. Lawyers bring legal notice and informs Natasha about the clause that she has to pay 45 lakhs to Sandeep for firing him from Pandya Store’s reconstructing work.

Chiku sees Natasha holding the legal notice and takes it from her. Natasha explains them about how Sandeep made her sign the contract. Dhawal walks aimlessly on road thinking about his last conversation with Natasha.

Sesh suggests to sell Pandya house and pay off the amount. He says that the notice stuck outside mentions if they cannot pay the money in due time, they will sell Pandya house to get it. Isha calls Amba and ends up telling Makwanas about the same. Nurse comes and informs about Dhawal not being in his room.

In the upcoming episode, Pandyas will disguise themselves to get a file. Later Amresh will make Natasha sign a contract stating that unless she pays the amount of 45 lakhs him she will stay at Makwana house according to Amresh’s wish. To know what’s happening next stay tuned to this space for more .