Pandya Store: Will Dhawal leave Makwana house?

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Star Plus’show Pandya Store has been entertaining the viewers with the constant rollercoaster ride of ups and downs between Pandyas and Makwanas. With Natasha soon signing contract with Amresh, what lies ahead for them?

In the previous episode, while passing by Amba noticed Dhawal lying there and showed it to her family. They go to Dhawal who keeps saying to bring Natasha as he wants to seek her apology. Amba says if Natasha can help Dhawal to recover, they should bring her.

Amba and rest of Makwanas take Dhawal back to hospital while Amresh leaves to bring Natasha. Natasha, Chiku Sesh and Meethu disguise themselves and enter lawyer’s office to get file. Doctor advises them to bring Natasha as she can help to recover Dhawal or else he might go in coma.

Inside the room, Natasha gets the file from rack but it falls down. Lawyer tries to enter the room and Chiku keeps stopping him. Chirag calls Amresh and informs him about Dhawal being critical and requests him to anyhow bring Natasha there.

In the upcoming episode, Amresh will tell Natasha that he has come to take her back and will say the person she doesn’t want to keep any relationship with is fighting between life and death. Amresh will beg Natasha to save Dhawal. He will make Natasha sign contract too. To know what’s happening next stay tuned to this space for more.