Pandya Store: Will Dhawal support Natasha’s plan?

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Star Plus’show Pandya Store is currently focusing on how Natasha discovered about Isha being Makwana and being away from her family for past three years. She decides to bring her back home. Will she again invite more trouble? Will others support Natasha is her planning to go against Amresh’s decision?


In the previous episode, Isha told Natasha
how she left the house three years ago and no one even inquired about her well being.
Amresh said Isha was their sister but now the ties have broken. Isha said she chose her dreams and left the house where girls are not allowed to work outside.

Chiku comes there and questions Isha and Natasha. Isha makes a story . Natasha returns home and finds Dhawal requesting Amresh to find Isha but the latter reminds how Isha left leaving all her brothers who loved her so much. Amresh strictly denies letting Isha come back to home.

Isha tries to escape from Pandya house as she thinks Natasha must have informed Makwana family. Natasha thinks everyone is worried and she has to bring Isha back home on Diwali.

In the upcoming episode, Dolly will say how Amba was so worried just by hearing Isha’s name. Hetal will tell she has been away from her daughter. Natasha will come and say that if they want they can bring Isha back home. To know what’s happening next stay tuned to this space for more.