Pandya Store: Will Isha get her place back at Makwana house?

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Star Plus’show Pandya Store is currently showing an entertaining track of the masked thieves entering Makwana amidst Natasha’s plan to bring Isha home . With all the chaos and drama, how will Natasha and Dhawal’s first Diwali together be?


In the previous episode, Natasha called Dhawal but failed to contact with him. Natasha recalls Dhawal saying face mask people being at Makwana house too. Amba takes all the jewellery and keeps in the room.

Mask gang goons get hold of Amba and bring her to hall where Makwana brothers are fighting with rest of members. They tell about not being able to find the jewellery yet. Pandyas and Natasha sit in taxi to start following Hetal’s car which is taking Isha to Makwana house.

Isha is about escape when she hears Amresh saying that Amba’s life is in danger.
Hetal, Pranali and Dolly also enter inside wearing masks so Amresh misunderstands that she planned to steal jewellery from house. Isha tells Chiku to go and turn main switch off as there are thieves inside. Chiku tells Isha that they need to enter inside the house. Isha hesitates to enter Makwana house.

In the upcoming episode, Amresh will angrily ask why Isha has returned to house. Natasha will say she has brought Isha home. Amresh will tell that she is not their sister and has broken all ties with them already. To know what’s happening next stay tuned to this space for more.