Pandya Store: Will Natasha be safe?

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Star Plus’show Pandya Store is currently showing how Natasha’s health deteriorated because of stress which made Dhawal charge his wrath on Bansi. However he will still not realize the true face of his own brother , Amresh.


In the previous episode, Natasha strictly told Dhawal that she has decided that they cannot stay together anymore. She says trust between them will keep being destroyed by Amresh .Isha keeps calling Chiku but he keeps ignoring it. Chiku says that they do not have any relationship with Makwanas including Natasha. At hospital, Natasha falls unconscious again.

Dhawal enters Makwana house angrily and Amba gets shocked seeing his injured state. He questions how they can sit eat together with Bansi who has cheated them. Dhawal holds Bansi by collar and questions him why he did so.

Dhawal states about Natasha being in hospital which makes Hetal worried. Bansi says everything he did is known by Amresh . Amresh says that Pandya Store had to be broken anyhow for their mall plan.

In the upcoming episode, Natasha will be leaving Makwana house. Amba will ask her to do another work before leaving. Amresh will tell that he had already said she cannot separate him from his brother. Dhawal will hand divorce papers to Natasha leaving her broken. While Dhawal will be following Natasha on road to stop her, he will get call about Amresh being missing. Dhawal will leave Natasha alone and rush to search for Amresh. To know what’s happening next stay tuned to this space.