Pandya Store: Will Natasha sign the divorce papers?

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Star Plus’show Pandya Store is currently showing how Natasha and Dhawal have an argument after Natasha blames Amresh to be master mind behind Pandya Store’s demolition. With Dhawal still being ignorant, Natasha decides for their separation.


In the previous episode, Natasha thinks Suman is considering this as her fault but she cannot tell her truth about Makwana family as it can trigger her heart attack again. Natasha is leaving from there when Dhawal reaches the same place. Seeing him, Natasha recalls Dhawal taking her signs on papers giving reason of shares in Sadar Bazar project.

Bansi calls Amresh for celebrating together. Amresh invites him for meal at his home. Chiku vows to destroy their dignity just like Pandya Store is being destroyed. Dhawal questions who did all this. Natasha tells Dhawal to stop his fake concern and says how the papers he got her signature yesterday were orders to demolish Pandya Store.

Dhawal still takes Amresh’s side and says Dolly brought the file and may be Bansi placed it. It starts raining heavily and Natasha falls unconscious. Dhawal holds her in arms and rushes to hospital. Natasha says she has decided they will not stay together.

In the upcoming episode, Natasha will be leaving Makwana house. Amba will say her to another work before leaving. Amresh will ask Dhawal to complete the last work too. The latter will hand over divorce papers to Natasha. To know what’s happening next stay tuned to this space for more