Param, Karan and Seher to stand up for Meher, New Promo: Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler

Param, Karan and Seher to stand up for Meher, New Promo: Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler
Param, Karan and Seher to stand up for Meher, New Promo: Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler

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Colors popular show Choti Sarrdaarni is witnessing separation track of Sarabjit and Meher after 5 years of leap. Meher even got proven innocent but Dhillons refuse to accept court’s decision. The upcoming episodes will witness Meher and Sarabjit’s short reunion and twist that will bring new storm in Meher’s life.

In the current track, Meher tried to go away from Sarabjit. Sarabjit followed her and reached a Gurudwara, where everyone were accusing Meher of being a kid thief/kidnapper. Sarabjit initially showed anger but told everyone that she is his wife.

Both Sarabjit and Meher got flashbacks seeing each other. Sarabjit asked various question from and told her that he is very angry with her. Meher hugged him and said that he has all rights to get angry on her.

Harleen on the other didn’t believe or want to believe that Seher is Sarabjit’s daughter. Samaira being sad talked to Harleen that she should go back now as she have no place in Sarabjit’s life. Harleen stopped her and assured her that she will any how make her marry Sarabjit.

Sarabjit in disappointment asked Meher that Why she kept his daughter Seher away from him. He asked her to return those five years he missed to live with his daughter.

Meher wanted to tell Sarabjit something but due to her coughing Sarabjit left the talk in between and went to bring water for her. But while returning and crossing the road he met with an accident. And this accident was done by none other than Kulwant. Meher got shocked and in fear asked people to help her and call an ambulance for Sarabjit.

On the other side Param, Seher and Karan were seen happy with each other knowing their relationship and that they will now live with each other. Harleen reached them and tried to know about Kaul from Seher.

While Meher with people’s help put Sarabjit on cart and left for reaching a hospital 15-16 Km away. Harleen tried calling Sarab to talk about Seher, but when he didn’t pick up his phone. Harleen left to search for him.

In the episode ahead Meher will be seen taking unconscious Sarabjit on a cart. In rain the cart will get stuck, Meher will be seen injured a little and praying to God for help. A blind man will tell her that the path forward is rough, stay in this hut for the time being.

We recently got our hands on a New Promo of Choti Sarrdaarni, which shows that Harleen stops Meher from entering the Gill house and say that she has no relationship with this house now. After Which Meher’s kids are seen standing as shield in front of her and look with anger at Harleen. A background voice says: “Dhaal banker khade Meher ke bachhe, kya usse ghar mein jagah dilwa sakenge?” See Promo:

Where is Sarabjit? Is he alive? What made Meher return Gill House? Will Meher be able to get Sarabjit Justice? What will be her reaction knowing that Kulwant tried killing Sarabjit?

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