Pari to become the saviour of Aditya in Nazar

Star Plus supernatural show Nazar recently witnessed a leap in the storyline and currently, the focus of the story is based on the next generation of Ansh and Piya in form of Pari and Aditya. poster Dileep a separation has taken place between Ansh and Piya and currently Aditya is staying with are you alone whereas the family is yet to know about Pari being their own grandchild.

Aditya and Pari are friends right now and Pari is being his savior from Urvashi. Urvashi along with Mohana is trying to enter in Ansh life as his wife. Ansh who is not ready to get married has kept condition that if Aditya is ready to make her his mother then he will marry her. Urvashi is trying every means to convince Aditya to confess in front of the family that he has no issues with Ansh and Urvashi’s marriage.

Aditya, on the other hand, wants her real mom to be back at home with his father. In tonight’s episode, the audience will get to see Pari will save Ansh once again from the balcony and both of them hatch a plan to teach Urvashi a lesson. During the Dahi handi ritual, Pari desert trick due to which Urvashi will be unable to break the handi hence, losing the condition with Aditya. Mona and Urvashi get angry to see this happened and fumes in anger.

While on the other hand, Naman rescued Saanvi and Nishant from a trap. The family members of the Rathore gets happy to see that Ansh and Urvashi are coming close slowly when is unknown to them has already made an entry in their lives via Aditya. Now it will be interesting to see, how will Rathores react to know Pari is also their granddaughter?

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