Parineeti: Gurinder plans with Neeti to Kill Parineet before the Puja, Sanju plans for a Romantic Dinner

Parineeti: Gurinder emotional blackmails Parineet, manipulates into hiding the Truth

Colors TV’S popular show Parineeti has always managed to keep the audience hooked to their screens with it’s high voltage drama.

Parineet tells Gurinder that Neeti pushed her from the Balcony and tries to Kill her to which Gurinder tells her that Neeti didn’t do it to which Parineet keeps her point clear.

Parineet tells Gurinder about all the attempts done by Neeti on her and also tells her about Child Death. She decides to tell the Truth to Sanju.

Gurinder tells Parineet that Neeti seems to be very Evil and tells her that they will expose her together. She asks her to collect Neeti’s Blood sample to which she agrees.

Parminder grows Suspicious

Parineet collects Neeti’s Blood sample to which she tells Bebe and Gurinder that she will faint after the results come Positive.

Gurinder and Parineet gets shocked seeing the Positive while Gurinder requests Parineet to Hide the Truth or else Neeti may even attempt to Kill her Heir.

Sanju gets Happy seeing Parineet normal and Hugs her happily. Parminder on the other hand is sure that someone deliberately tried to Kill her.

Gurinder tells Neeti who is worried about Parineet telling the Sanju the truth to Kill her before the Puja. Sanju arranges Romantic Dinner for Parineet.

Will Sanju find out Gurinder’s Truth?

Will Parineet tell the Truth to Sanju?

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