Parineeti: Gurinder suppresses Parineet’s Voice, stops from telling the Truth to Sanju

Parineeti: Parineet wakes up from the coma, Gurinder supports Neeti

Colors TV’S popular show Parineeti has always managed to keep the audience hooked to their screens with it’s high voltage drama.

Neeti tells Parineet that she needs to Die because if she comes out Alive, she will tell the Truth to the Family which she cannot afford.

Neeti gets into the Car and runs if over her saying that she already lost her Family and Child hence there is no heed for her to Live anyways.

Parineet gets unconscious with the accident while Neeti gets out from the car to ensure that she is Dead but her pulse is beating hence she decides to attack her again.

Sanju and Neeti get Engaged

Before Neeti could attack Parineet again, a car comes there and helps Parineet. Neeti rushes away from there in her car while the man recognises Parineet.

The man tells Parineet not to worry about anything and drops her at her house while Neeti tells Gurinder that she has done it having no choice.

Sanju and Neeti changes the Rings while Parineet faints in shock. Neeti gets shocked seeing Parineet Alive while Sanju rushes to her.

Parineet wakes up from Coma after three Days while Gurinder comes there. Parineet tells her that Neeti is not innocent and also tells her that she tried to Kill her.

Gurinder suppresses Parineet’s Voice as she stops her from telling the Truth to Sanju. She supports Neeti and tells Parineet to stay away from their Lives.

Will Sanju Marry Neeti?

Will Parineet tell the Truth to Sanju?

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