Parineeti: Neeti Kills Parineet, Sanju and Neeti get Married for the Kid

Parineeti: Disgusting Gurinder crosses Limits of Evil, Parminder feels Uneasy

Colors TV’S popular show Parineeti has always managed to keep the audience hooked to their screens with it’s high voltage drama.

Parineet is surprised with the decorations that are done for her. She gets impressed with him while Sanju tells her that they will spend Time uninterrupted.

Sanju tells Parineet that he wants to spend his every moment with her while she asks him whether he really likes her that much to which he tells her that he likes everyone.

Sanju tells Parineet that he Loves only her and wants to be with her only. He tells her that today no one is going to come in between them and spends with her.

Neeti gets Furious  

Parminder feels uneasy and calls Sanju. Sanju shows Parineet in the video to which she gets surprised looking at her. She is Happy that they are together.

Parminder tells them to stop compromising with their Happiness and asks them to come back. She asks them to Stop the Marriage and stop the foolishness.

Neeti gets furious at Parineet for spending Time with Sanju. She decides to Kill her with the silenced Gun. Gurinder too helps her and Plans the whole thing. Parminder feels uneasy.

As Gurinder takes everyone to the Temple with her, Neeti attacks Parineet and manages to Kill her and throw from the cliff. Sanju Married Neeti for the Kid.

What will Happen Next?

Will Sanju ever find out the Truth?

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