Parineeti: Parineet denies to hear Rakesh, gets into a huge Trouble

Parineeti: Neeti Betrays Rakesh, Gurinder decides to get Parineet Killed

Colors TV’S popular show Parineeti has always managed to keep the audience hooked to their screens with it’s high voltage drama.

Rakesh gets shocked as he learns that Neeti is trying to Kill Parineet. He thinks that he should not trust Daljeet in this matter and decides to take matters into his hands.

Rakesh goes to Neeti and sees that she has gun in her hands. He let’s her know who is the Boss there and asks her to withdraw her plan.

Neeti wanting to get away from Rakesh decides to pretend do what he has asked. She agrees to not harm her and then he decides to keep an eye on her.

Rakesh warns Neeti

Rakesh then sees that Daljeet is still following Parineet and gets furious. He yet again calls Neeti to which he takes a Promise that she won’t Kill her.

Neeti however breaks her Promise while Gurinder is eager to get Parineet Killed. Rakesh finally understand that Neeti is not going to back out.

Rajesh comes to Parineet and tells her that he loves her a lot and for that he wants Sanju to Died. She gets furious. He asks her to listen to him first but she denies and gets into huge trouble.

What will Happen Next?

Will Neeti and Rakesh get Successful?

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