Parineeti: Rakesh rescues Parineet from Neeti’s Death Trap, joins hands to Kidnap

Parineeti: Rakesh denies to let Parineet Die, Daljeet meets Neeti

Colors TV’S popular show Parineeti has always managed to keep the audience hooked to their screens with it’s high voltage drama.

Gurinder tells Neeti that Parminder has cancelled the Wedding and now she is going to loose Sanju. She asks Neeti whether she wants to Marry Sanju.

Neeti tells her that she can’t loose Sanju to which Gurinder asks her to hurry up and Kill Parineet. She tells her to Kill her before she goes to Jail.

Neeti calls Daljeet and asks him to End Neeti. Daljeet tells her that he has no such emotional and agreed to Kill her. Tiger hears everything.

Rakesh Warns Neeti

Raj asks Rakesh to focus on his Political Career and tells him to stop focusing on Parineet to which he asks him to always take her name with Respect.

Tiger comes to Rakesh and tells him about Neeti plan. Rakesg decides to stop her from Killing his Parineet.

Daljeet meets Neeti and takes the gun from her. Neeti sees Rakesh and points gun at him to which he snatches and points gun at Neeti, He tells her that he is Head Master of her Game.

Rakesh tells her to drop her idea of Killing Parineet and tells her that she will be at his radder. Rakesh asks her help to Kidnap Parineet and they join hands.

What will Happen Next?

Will Neeti and Rakesh get Successful?

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