Parineeti: Rakesh’s Gun pointed at Sanju, Parineet gets shot

Parineeti: Daljeet manipulates Rakesh into Killing Parineet

Colors TV’S popular show Parineeti has always managed to keep the audience hooked to their screens with it’s high voltage drama.

Rakesh asks Neeti not to do anything with Parineet but Neeti doesn’t want to back out from her Plan and is still going with her Plan to Kill Parineet.

Daljeet finally catches Parineeti and tells Neeti that he has her with him. He tells her that he is going to Kill her. Neeti gets Happy hearing this.

Rakesh cones there and stops him from Killing Parineet. He asks him to leave her but Daljeet denies. He tells him that she has slapped him as well and humiliated him.

Parineet Escapes from Rakesh and Daljeet

Daljeet tells him that Parineet will never come to him and he is better off with her Dead. He tells him that she will one Day go to Sanju to which Rakesh says that he trusts his Love.

Rakesh then convinced him into Killing her by reminding him about the Baby. Rakesh says that he wants to Kill Sanju while Parineet hears their words and Runs Away.

Rakesh and Daljeet chases her and before they could touch her, she defends herself. Rakesh gets furious and seeing Sanju there, he points Gun at him. Parineet gets scared and comes before him because of which she gets shot.

What will Happen Next?

What will Parineet do?

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