Parineeti Weekly Update: Parineet followed Rajeev secretly.

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In the previous week we have witnessed, Parineet asked him doesn’t he wanna say anything else to her? He denied it. He gifted flowers to her and lied to her he will reach home late at night so don’t wait for him. Parineet saw the difference in his attitude.

Later Parineet reached to Neeti’s house and informed her Rajeev had affair with someone else. Neeti got angry on him and took her out to confront him. Later Rajeev lashed out at Monty for irritating him. He shared to him Parineet and Neeti were childhood best friends.

He will choose Neeti only. Gurinder scold Balwinder for drinking always. Mishika was adamant not to take food without Parineet. She shared it to Rajeev He felt guilty for Mishika and got confused how to deal with this matter?

He thought Mishika getting close with Parineet. Later Neeti enquired Parineet about Rajeev schedule and assured her he was in affair. Parineet felt hurt hearing it. Monty assured to help Rajeev to manage Gurinder.

Rajeev decided to attend dinner with Neeti. He worried that Parineet may stop this too. Monty assured him to solve the issue. Neeti asked Parineet to follow Rajeev to find out the truth. She shared to her how did her friend caught her husband red handed.

She denied it but Neeti asked her to check his mobile then. Rajeev decided to go out with Neeti. Monty assured to help him there. Later Rajeev returned to home and saw Mishika refuses to take food. He gifted doll to her she compared it to Parineet.

Gurinder stopped Parineet and questioned her where did she left? She informed to her that Rajeev had affair with someone else. He denied it. Gurinder asked him to swear on her he accepted it.

He demanded her to go out of the house but Gurinder kicked him out. Simi sent Parineet out of the house too.

Rajeev asked Parineet why did she following him? Parineet said that he played love drama with her and betrayed her family. He said to her he only loved one person in his whole life. He don’t love Parineet at all. He asked her to inform her family that her husband left her then everyone die out of shame.

Parineet came out of dream and thanked God for made it as a dream. She decided to confront him after she found out the truth. Later Neeti asked her to find out the truth. Parineet shares her grief with Neeti.

Later she followed him in car to find out when he gonna meet in night. Rajeev went missing. Driver apologized to Parineet. Meanwhile Rajeev picked Neeti to attend dinner together.

Parineet asked the driver to stop the car in temple. While she went inside she saw Rajeev in car along with a girl. She asked driver to follow their car. Mishika tried to talk with Balwinder but he lashed out at her and broke her doll.

He warned her to don’t show her face to him. Monty consoled her and scold Balwinder for treating a girl in this way. Simi scold Monty for showing care on Mishika in this way. He thought only Rajeev can able to manage this situation.

Mishika prayed God to give a good parents to her. Later Parineet reached to the restaurant where Rajeev took Neeti. She felt hurt to see the way he welcomed her. She met her auntie there and enquired her about Rajeev. She saw Rajeev spending time with a girl.

Vicky announced the rules of game. He asked them what’s important in love? Parineet and Rajeev gave same answer to it meanwhile Neeti gave contrast one. Later Sukhwinder scared seeing lamp blew off in breeze. She shared to Gurpreet how did Sanju refused to marry Neet. Gurpreet assured to her that God won’t separate them.

Game completed. Parineet got hurt seeing Rajeev with another girl. Mishika refused to take food but Chandrika convinced her somehow. Later Security didn’t allowed Neeti to go inside Rajeev went to save her.

Rajeev confronted Parineet what did she doing here? She lied to him that she came here to buy sweets for Mishika.

Parineet asked Rajeev what’s he doing in the couples restaurant? He went to meet random couples and pretended like talk with them. She thought he was avoiding her questions. Rajeev contacted Monty and narrated the situation to him. He asked him to check his white shirt to find out the truth.

Monty Informed to him that white shirt had lipstick marks. Rajeev thought that he will get caught today. Chandrika got into argue with Simi over Mishika’s issue. Chandrika decided to ask Parineet to buy food from outside. Rajeev decided to confess the truth but Neeti took him from there.

He lied to her and pretended like flirt with her. He thought it’s tough to send Neeti back home. Later Server mistakenly spill the water on Neeti. She went to change it. Parineet and Rajeev collected the best couple award together. He avoided her questions there.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Parineet will get Neeti’s call. Rajeev will notice it and snatches it from her. Parineet will ask him to stop playing with her Neeti calling her. Neeti will hear their voice and come to check them. She will look on them standing together.

Whart will happen next? Will Rajeev confess the truth to Parineet? When will Rajeev get caught?

Upcoming episode will answers to our all questions stay tuned with our space for more update.