Parineetii 10th February 2024 Written Update: Neeti in a tight spot

Parineetii 10th February 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Neeti asking the beautician to help her. She points the gun at her. She demands Neeti to keep quiet. Neeti is anxious. Meanwhile, Parineet says to Sanju that they don’t have any idea about Neeti’s whereabouts. The inspector calls Sanju to inform him that he forgot to sign in the complaint form. Sanju accidently hears that Rakesh shifted Neeti to Devipoor. Sanju informs Parineet about it. Later, Sanju and Parineet reached to Devipoor. He says to her it’s an dangerous place. She isn’t listening to her so he worried about her safety. Parinee says that she will always obey him. She can’t listen to him today because it’s matter of Neeti’s life. She has to take this risk for her. Sanju asks her to be careful. A goon gets suspicious and tried to check that place. Sanju hugs Parineet. He received a phone call and attends it. Parineet says to Sanju that this place looks weird. They are holding knife in their hands like toys. Sanju and Parineet moved to another side.


Parineet says to him it seems some function is going on here. Meanwhile, a lady brings Neeti there. Neeti asks her to leave her hand. She isn’t scared of her. Her boss comes there. She appreciates Neeti’s beauty. She says to her that everyone is going to fight for her. Ganga Prasad will definitely like her. If she has luck then someone will like her tonight. Neeti thinks what’s going to happen today? Why did she talked like that? That lady leaves from there. Neeti hears a girl sound. She opens the window and finds out that few goons are taking a girl from there forcefully. Meanwhile, the inspector informs ACP that he is going for the operation. There is high risk there.
He won’t back off from this mission. He is going there with his team. Neeti tries to escape but get catch. Sanju notices the goons are working there. He asks Parineet to hide there. He notices a lady there. He asks her to meet the boss. She called her. She leaves from there. Sanju asks Parineet to hide inside the mat. He doesn’t want to see someone notice her.

Boss slaps Neeti for trying to escape from them. She tells her that today is the last lucky day in her life. No one is able to change her destiny. She ordered the goons to send Neeti to their place. Neeti informs the goons that they are doing this for money. She offered money to them to help her. They stays silent there. Parineet says to Sanju that she feels weird. She alerts him that Rakesh is talking with the boss. It seems Neeti is here. Sanju says that it seems they came to the right place. He asks her to keep an eye on him. Parineet alerts him that he is coming to their side. Sanju hides his face. Rakesh crossed them. Boss is scolding Neeti. She notices Sanju there and rushes to her. Parineet hugs her. The goons surrounded them. Boss asks them to teach a lesson to them. The goons locked them inside the room. Sanju breaks the window and escapes from there along with Neeti and Parineet. The goons finds out it. Boss demands them to catch them. Neeti collides with the goon. Sanju fights with him.

Episode end

Precap; The goons attacks Sanju

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